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"girls should be replaced by myth players"

Team: Cunts is not scheduled to play in the next round.

We are angry from the mighty ghetto cakes defeat during myth world cup so we are back to fuck dead zombie wenches in revenge

Also Acheron, the worlds favorite Norweigan basement dweller is rolling with us aswell


Threat Assessment:
This team's strongest strength is their relatively high activity level on myth, so it is doubtful they will have to play any games solo, which is always a good thing. Individually, Enigman and Acheron are the kind of players who play a lot better with people  they're familiar with, and they might be a darkhorse to make round 5, but it will be difficult.

Post QR Update
Now it looks like for sure they will make round 5, but a finals run would be a surprise.

Post Round 3 Update
That round 5 run is looking a little more difficult, but they should be able to pull it off.

Post Round 4 Update
A strong showing from what looked to be a finals bracket, these two might just be able to advance to the finals, but they're going to have to be on top of their game like they were in Round 4.

Well enigman just added Ricky (not to be confused with myrk) which is all around, a pretty good addition. Myrk is one of the top FFA players still in the game, and he should do well now that he finally has a partner who will show up. A finals entrance does look likely.

9 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 7

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Cunts (Cunts)
Past Players
   Acheron  LoA•BME
Starting Times
Sat, 10am - Sat, 4pm
Sun, 10am - Sun, 4pm
Rank: 3 / 57
Total Points: 174
Victory Points: 121
Damage Points: 53
Damage/Game: 156
Match History
R6B1 - 3rd
R5B2 - 4th
R4B2 - 1st
R3B7 - 2nd
R2B9 - 4th
R1B2 - 1st
# Games 
 Acheron LoA•BME

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