Team Page Help

Image: You may upload any image which you feel fits your team's personality, but those in extremely bad taste will be removed. I also have the ability to lock you (and only you) from ever uploading another image. If I have to delete 3 inappropriate images, I will most likely use that ability.

The image will be scaled to 320 pixels on its longest side. It will look best if it is wider than tall. There is also a maximum storage limit of 50k.

If you do not upload an image, the default will display.

Quote: Again, grossly inappropriate quotes will be altered or deleted. I am *very* lenient but I do want some sense of decency. Limited to 255 characters.

Biography: It will help me write threat assessments if you put some useful information here, such as tournaments you've participated in (so that I can look you up in them), and names you've used in the past. I've been out of the scene for 18 months, so I can't keep track of everyone's pseudonyms.

This section should also be used for flavor, so include anything you want. You're limited to 1500 characters, so use them wisely.

Threat Assessment: This is a place for me or one of my designated TA writers to write what we know about this team and warn other players about them. It is obviously a biased kind of thing, but our assessments do not enter into the structure of the tournament as they would in an MWC, so it's just for fun. I'll try and keep these updated as much as possible throughout the tournament.

Trow Rating: This is the result of everyone's assessments. The method for combining these opinions into one trow rating is even more mystical and arcane than ranking was.

It's designed to weaken the opinion of people who think everyone else sucks, and of people who try to skew ratings one way or another because they think the current rating is wrong. To avoid having your opinion weakened, I recommend you ignore whatever the current rating might be, and choose 1/5 of teams to receive 5 trow, 1/5 to get 4 trow, etc. It is sort of strict, but any normal person should have no problem giving ratings as long as they are honest.

The popup menu is a quick way to rate a team or change your rating for them. If you have Java enabled, the update will occur automatically. If it doesn't seem to do anything, you can always use the normal threat rating interface linked from the Content section to submit your ratings.

Column on the right
The column on the right lists the following:
Team Name (Team Tag)
Captain (if one still exists)
Second Player (if one exists)
Third Player (if one exists)

Past Players - These are players who played at least one game for this team, but later joined another team. Only appears if there are any such players.

Starting Times
This lists the times or ranges of time in which you are available to begin a match. If it says Saturday from 2 until 4pm, your match would start no later than 4pm. Times are all in my time zone, US central time. I have put numerous links on my site to "time.cgi" which will always tell you what time it is in my time zone. Add or subtract the appropriate number of hours and schedule yourself accordingly.

I'm envisioning that at _least_ a third of the available times should be checked. This is not a utility for you to pick and choose when you play. It is a utility for me to be able to look at a bracket and find a time that will work for people.

If I can't easily find a time to schedule the bracket, I will NOT cater specially to those who were too picky. You are allowed 3 players, only 2 of you need to show up.

Rank: Current Rank / Current Number of Teams
Total Points: Total points earned, victory plus damage
Victory Points: Portion of total earned by winning games
Damage Points: Portion of total earned by dealing damage
Damage/Game: Damage dealt by this team per game.

Match History
Lists all the matches this team has played in and links to the individual match page. Also shows placement in match.