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die funny.

Team: WW2-REG-TFL is not scheduled to play in the next round.

We could pull some powermoves with a green panda.
Hawk: A awesome tfler, always right hand man of rabiez. He brought his skills over to myth 2 readily though. Although being a dominant ww2 force, hawk's real skills lie in the realm of reg. He's commonly mistaken for a ww2er, however one must remember, he spearheaded the *holy fu***** shit* evil rout of ICBM in the mwc tourney.

Rabiez: Ok, a god of tfl. However, he, unlike hawk has not made as much a mark in m2. This tourney will be a great oppurtunity for him.

Death Bastard: adept ww2er, who's always had a passion for reg. Ever since the days of the m2 demo, I have been toying with reg, however now I can also show that, I have a little skill.

(our ta needs to be updated, Krusader was the team's captain when it was made).

Threat Assessment:
These three do in fact play all three gametypes listed in their name, however they've never proven themselves in the area that is most important for this tournament, reg myth. They will probably be finishing up at 5th or possibly even 4th place in their brackets, I would bet on a round 3 exit.

Post QR Update
I have to admit, they're doing much better than expected. They should easily make round 4, but it would definitely be an upset to see them in round 5.

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   dĽ Death Bastard
   hawk       ∆vil
   ∑Real deal Rab∑
Starting Times
Sat, 2pm - Sat, 5pm
Rank: 17 / 57
Total Points: 82
Victory Points: 60
Damage Points: 22
Damage/Game: 136
Match History
R4B1 - 5th
R3B1 - 3rd
R2B5 - 2nd
R1B5 - 3rd
# Games 
 ∑Real deal Rab∑
 dĽ Death Bastard
 hawk ∆vil

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