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Team: The Ghol Humpers is not scheduled to play in the next round.

The Ghol Humpers consists of Monstertool, Two Saks, and Baak who are members of the Order of H'pak.  The Order of H'pak is a Myth 2 gaming order based on friendships and love of the game. we play to have fun and enjoy the keeling.  Also our order are currently beta testing the soon to be finalized and released Rocket Dorf Fest, made by Baak, which is an absoulutely awesome tagset and maps to go along with them,  coming soon to a download location near you, be sure to check them out

Threat Assessment:
Two members of a primarily unranked coop clan, these two pose little to no threat come gameday, I doubt they will make it out of QR.

Post QR Update
Even though they are eliminated, I have to give them an update because they showed up each week, and us Tournament Officials really appreciate that. Thank you, Ghol Humpers.

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The Ghol Humpers (hump)
   Monstertool  ~OoH~
   Two Saks
Starting Times
Sat, 5pm - Sat, 9pm
Sun, 10am - Sun, 9pm
Rank: 52 / 57
Total Points: 0
Victory Points: 0
Damage Points: 0
Damage/Game: 92
Match History
R2B9 - 5th
R1B5 - 6th
# Games 
 Two Saks
 Monstertool ~OoH~

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