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Team: Flesh Carvers is not scheduled to play in the next round.

Sam The Butcher:  A sadistic butcher that hacks and slashes through flesh to the point of ecstasy.

Bad Monkey:  A psychopathic killer with the murdering instincts of a deranged, lunatic monkey.

Threat Assesment:

  As far as fecal-chucking primates go, this is the cream of the crop.  If FoC2 were a horse race, Bad Monkey would be your best horse.  He is and has always been, abhorrently underrated.  Bad Monkey is a fantastic player because of his skill.  There is only one reason he isn't terribly well known: because he doesn't like to spend precious after work hours bitching about how good he is in the chat rooms.  He'd rather play a game and remove all doubt.

Threat Assessment:
There is no CTF gimble in FoC2. Sorry. :)

Still, a few upsets in recent years indicate that these guys might be picking up on a few things.

I expect a decent QR showing but a round 3 exit.

Post QR Update
They have in fact given us a decent QR showing, and a round 4 entrance might be doable.

1 person has predicted that this team will make the top ten.
According to him, the team will finish at place: 1

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Flesh Carvers (FCM)
   SamTheButcher GrU
   badmonkey | FcM
Starting Times
Sat, 12pm - Sat, 9pm
Sun, 1pm - Sun, 9pm
Rank: 31 / 57
Total Points: 56
Victory Points: 41
Damage Points: 15
Damage/Game: 129
Match History
R3B2 - 4th
R2B6 - 2nd
R1B2 - 5th
# Games 
 badmonkey | FcM
 SamTheButcher GrU

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