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The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Team: The Second Mouse is not scheduled to play in the next round.

Our name is like our game.

Here are some fun facts about our team:
1. In Cleveland, Ohio, it's illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.
2. According to Dr. David Gems, a British geneticist, sex-craved male mice, who spend 5 to 11 hours per day pursuing female mice, could live years longer if they abstained.
3. All the poeple employed as Mickey Mouse have to be exactly 5ft 2in tall. Men can play Minnie Mouse and women can play Mickey Mouse.
4. Doug Engelbart invented and patented the  mouse way back in the 1960's. He originally called his device the x-y position indicator.
5. Mammals of the order Rodentia contain more species than any other mammalian order. There are over 350 genera and 1700 species of rodents in the world.
6. Danger Mouse ranked third on the Top 100 Children's TV on British TV, after The Simpsons and The Muppet Show.

We want to give the other teams a chance, so here are some tips on how to beat us:

1. Place USED kitty litter from a litter box in small tubs in several places around the garage. Mice think... "it smells like a cat--must be a cat - I'm outta here!".
2. Mice hate the scent of peppermint extract. Simply sprinkle *pure* peppermint extract on the items in your garage you don't want the mice in or on.

Here is our amazing "Myth Resume"
OtA - Leader of The Long Patrol and The Metallicats.
RocketDive - He is the same shade of blue as Orlando the Axe and his order is all about music and cruelty to animals.
Se7en - he is named after the number

Threat Assessment:
This team sports the most appropriate name in this tournament, considering the nature of most free-for-all interactions.  Despite that, Orlando is a mid-level player and will have to acquire a strong teammate to advance beyond round 3.

Round 3 exit.

Post QR Update
Rocket Dive is indeed a strong teammate, and I believe they're going to add Zaramis as well.  This team is looking a lot better.  Round 4 is likely and 5 a possibility.

Post Round 3 Update
It would be an upset if this team were to make round 5, they will need some luck.

Post Round 4 Update
Add this to the list of the 40 or so teams that proved me wrong, these three are proving to have good team chemistry which has carried them into round 5, but it would most certainly be an upset if they made the finals.

Post Round 5 Update
Well we have most certainly witnessed an upset, these three made it to the finals over ABW and Cunts, which I definitely did not see coming. They've managed to use damage scoring quite well and they all seem to know where to be and what to do in any given situation. Hell, if truth can win opop, these three can win foc2.

2 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 8

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The Second Mouse (2ndM)
   *< :3 )-----     OtA
   Rocket Dive    gtm
   /////ĪSe7eNĪ///// ~PoOp
Starting Times
Sun, 2pm - Sun, 6pm
Rank: 5 / 57
Total Points: 147
Victory Points: 98
Damage Points: 49
Damage/Game: 149
Match History
R6B1 - 5th
R5B2 - 3rd
R4B3 - 1st
R3B8 - 3rd
R2B4 - 4th
R1B8 - 2nd
# Games 
 *< :3 )----- OtA
 Rocket Dive gtm
 /////ĪSe7eNĪ///// ~PoOp

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