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We didn't mean to have this image but couldnt find the other :(

Team: The Crazy Ones is not scheduled to play in the next round.

While the original members of tco has been long gone (atleast of my knowledge), we, the remaining ones, still try to live up to its purpose, which is... eeeh... not to write a biography of ourselves like this one... but to play myth, in particular FFA!

We might be crazy, or just think we are, either way, it's a cool name.
While I keep improvising this biography it seems to be getting worse and worse, but  CV thought his bio sucked and told me to write something funny, I thought I'd give it a try. And this is the result...

The Crazy Ones was formed way back, I don't think no one of us really know when (seeing as we weren't the formers). At MWC 2000 (I think?) they were in need of players, that's when Krille joined, and also lion a few weeks later I believe... while CV was in lom or some shitty order like that together with Grn :) those two later joined us, we had a blast, there were alot of other cool members but I bet you don't wanna read a long long useless biography of people who aren't even playing in this tourney :) (well I actually can't remember them all :p) not sure why I mentioned Grn, he's not playing myth no more that sucker :o
Later on tco merged with another order and formed an even bigger order with a completely new name, nothing like the other two. Then I've been a bit inactive, and so has CV, but not Lion, no he has been playing! Seeing as we all three were in tco back in the days we thought, "hey, wouldn't it be cool if we were called The Crazy Ones? it'll be like a memory of the past!". Well atleast I did when CV suggested it.


ps - I hate our ta writer.

This is how many trows we should have :(

Threat Assessment:
These players have indeed been around for a few years, but in a very low impact kind of way; without a strenuous effort to master the game. They are a low-to-mid level team who may take a game or two in the QR, but will probably be sitting out the 4 player game in round 3.

Post QR Update
I'm such a good TA writer that my prediction for this team still has not changed, I expect a round 3 exit.

0 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 0

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The Crazy Ones (tco)
   tVt     tco
   Krille     tco
   Lionheart     lAg
Starting Times
Sat, 10am - Sat, 6pm
Sun, 10am - Sun, 6pm
Rank: 32 / 57
Total Points: 55
Victory Points: 41
Damage Points: 14
Damage/Game: 104
Match History
R3B1 - 4th
R2B1 - 4th
R1B6 - 3rd
# Games 
 Krille tco
 Lionheart lAg
 tVt tco

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