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Team: Chunderific is not scheduled to play in the next round.


Threat Assessment:
If Ned can convince somebody in magma to make a patch to display that image to their opponents in the middle of a game, they'll take this tournament hands-down.

If not, round 3 exit.

Post QR Update
Round 3 exit predicition remains.

Post Round 3 Update
Well if we gave an award for the team that tried the hardest in Round 3 but didn't quite advance, these guys would get it. A very impressive showing from Ned, Maguro and Phae, and if they had gotten one more point, we'd be seeing them in Round 4. They get an update because they showed up, and they provided plenty of competition for their bracket.

1 person has predicted that this team will make the top ten.
According to him, the team will finish at place: 8

(45 ratings)
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Chunderific (8-D~~)
   || Grignard |P   µDog
   || Ned Hamfist 8-D~
   PhĘdrµs PoRN roar
Starting Times
Fri, 7pm - Fri, 9pm
Rank: 37 / 57
Total Points: 44
Victory Points: 36
Damage Points: 8
Damage/Game: 123
Match History
R3B3 - 4th
R2B3 - 2nd
R1B9 - 6th
# Games 
 || Grignard |P µDog
 || Ned Hamfist 8-D~

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