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Team: The four Horsemen is not scheduled to play in the next round.


Threat Assessment:
Chohan is considered by many to be the strongest individual player still playing Myth.  With the large unit sets available on many of the maps, he'll be even more dangerous against players who prefer controlling a few units in big team games.

Along with bullet tooth and possibly another BME member, this team definitely has the ability to take the tournament.

90% chance we'll see them in the finals.

Update QR2: BME rampages through their bracket with 42 of 45 possible points. But a quick look at their competition reveals a couple "individual" teams. Perhaps a truer test will come this week.

Post QR Update
Well Drizzt and Chohan decided to hate play eachother in their bracket, so they were both eliminated before the final map, however, I still expect this team to take 2nd or 1st place in the tournament.

Post Round 3 Update
Edit: WS changed brackets because he's a bitch like that, anyway, this team is still good incase you forgot, they're going to make the finals and yada yada yada.

Post Round 4 Update
These two are just bullies, accumulating 13 out of a possible 15 damage points in round 4; when they pick a target, they don't lose. They seem to have a vendetta against all np teams as well, which may cause their downfall as their hateplay against the np team in game 5 cost them 1st place in the bracket, and while that may not matter now, it does in the finals.

Post Round 5 Update
They are no doubt the best team remaining in the tournament, but with two np teams remaining it will be hard for them in the finals. However, if they can put aside their grudge and play to win, then they are quite capable of winning the tournament.

47 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 3

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The four Horsemen (BME)
   Bullet tooth Tony▒ h
   Chohan  °   BME
Starting Times
Sat, 11am - Sat, 2pm
Sun, 10am - Sun, 4pm
Rank: 1 / 57
Total Points: 193
Victory Points: 124
Damage Points: 69
Damage/Game: 217
Match History
R6B1 - 1st
R5B1 - 2nd
R4B2 - 2nd
R3B8 - 1st
R2B1 - 5th
R1B1 - 1st
# Games 
 Chohan ° BME
 Bullet tooth Tony▒ h

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