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this is kaapo , my god

Team: kanan bitches is not scheduled to play in the next round.

originally this team was supposed to have drizzt , myrkidon and m.bison

then i realized that they all are gay and i couldn't play :(

kaapo is 17 years old. and prolly better at myth than you.

team picture may or may not be changed to picture of a knife wound in middle finger.

that is all.

'  <--- why can't i put ' to my teamname ,

50k max image size*? wtf
my cat deserves better


initially this site had 40 wightymeter rating.
now its around 9

Ed. Note: ' in the team name can cause problems.  Colon in tag... that's just wtf :(

fuck, all those playing times suck, and I cant change them. my team is full of.

Threat Assessment:
This team is about as close to returning champion as we'll get, as Drizzt claimed the top spot in the first FoC.  Look for massive damage scores and solid strategy.  

I'd say there's at least a 75% chance we'll see this team in the finals.

Simply put, if any two of these three guys shows up to play each week, they will make the finals, and are the safest pick to make for the team to win the tournament.

Post QR Update
This is a typical QR performance from np, in that they usually do poorly in QR to ensure more competition in the following rounds. However it may not be that simple, as they have yet to play a game with two of their players, so unless they start showing up to their brackets, they're not going to make the finals.

Post Round 3 Update
I don't know what to think, they are so consistently inconsistent, but it seems that drizzt isn't going to allow this team to be knocked out early. A finals run will still require Drizzt to obtain a partner.

Post Round 4 Update
Drizzt is still good incase you were wondering, he decided to take 1st in his bracket all by himself, even if he shows up by himself for the next two rounds, he could still possibly win the tournament.  The only thing keeping him out of the finals is that right now, they are in the same bracket as Chohan, so merciless hateplay is expected.

34 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 3

(58 ratings)
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kanan bitches (KANA)
Starting Times
Sat, 1pm - Sat, 5pm
Sat, 9pm
Sun, 10am - Sun, 3pm
Rank: 11 / 57
Total Points: 105
Victory Points: 87
Damage Points: 18
Damage/Game: 112
Match History
R5B1 - 4th
R4B4 - 1st
R3B6 - 1st
R2B1 - 6th
R1B7 - 4th
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