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This body holding me reminds me that I am not alone.

Team: Angry Black Women is not scheduled to play in the next round.

The angry black woman has been beating the shit out of scrawny pansy men (you) for centuries.

Threat Assessment:
Three very solid, often superb players.  If they get a little practice playing with each other and perform at their peak they have as good a chance as anyone at claiming the title.

Round 5 exit.

Cruiser and kilgrath have one of the oldest partnerships in the game, they are relatively active and in game, are pretty much the last team you want to start next to. A finals run is expected, but they will need to tweak their gameplay to accommodate the gametype, rather than just BCing.

Post Round 3 Update
Well cruiser and raziel seem to be done with myth, and Kilgrath had previously decided to add Brokencow during QR but he was never added for reasons beyond my knowledge, so maybe if Kilg can get BC to show up, this team still might be able to make the finals.

Post Round 4 Update
They're angry, they're black, and they're back. Showing full force in Round 4 gave them a 1st place finish, and they took nine out of a possible 15 damage points as well. This team has gone from a round 5 maybe, to a finals maybe, to a contender to win the tournament. As long as their aren't any long lines at the KFC, they should show up full force yet again.

32 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 5

(61 ratings)
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Angry Black Women (ABW)
   LesboGoblin(s) Rat
   Kilgrath     ABW
   Rupert Cumberdale
Past Players
   Gun Raz  //^
Starting Times
Sat, 7pm - Sat, 9pm
Sun, 7pm - Sun, 9pm
Rank: 9 / 57
Total Points: 110
Victory Points: 73
Damage Points: 37
Damage/Game: 175
Match History
R5B2 - 5th
R4B1 - 1st
R3B7 - 3rd
R2B4 - 2nd
R1B6 - 4th
# Games 
 LesboGoblin(s) Rat
 Gun Raz //^
 Kilgrath ABW

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