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fy ws, Salami wouldn't fit as a tag :( I HATE YOU

Team: Salami is not scheduled to play in the next round.

we got to the finals in a team ffa tourney like this once, but i don't remember which.

we must pwn.'


oh and i have to mention the $50 bill for posterity.  bitches.

Threat Assessment:
One of the oldest partnerships still playing together, slash and shait are nigh on unbeatable when fighting back to back.

20% chance we'll see them in the finals.

If shai and slash were relatively active, I would agree with my counterpart's assessment, however these two combined have less than 2 hours of myth played in the past two months. Inactivity plagues even the most seasoned of veterans, and it will do so to these two as well.

Update post QR: There was once a little salami who wanted to be on a sandwich. It traveled far and wide looking for loaves of bread. Over yonder hills, it spotted white bread! But it was a trap. "Oh no!" said the salami, "these are breasts!"  Two large bags of fat smoothered the salami.  Whatever shall it do? It only wanted a peice of bread.  But there was no bread around for the poor little salami.


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Salami (FYWS)
   B¤GBEEF   ~Salami
Starting Times
Sat, 12pm - Sat, 4pm
Sat, 6pm - Sat, 7pm
Sun, 12pm - Sun, 9pm
Rank: 57 / 57
Total Points: 0
Victory Points: 0
Damage Points: 0
Damage/Game: 0
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