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I'm used to how I smell and don't notice it.

Team: Terminal Odor is not scheduled to play in the next round.

Citing His Religion, Carter Snead Hasn't Bathed for Five Years

A stinky pig farm and a state employee who hasn't bathed for five years on religious grounds has embroiled Iowa's Department of Natural Resources in a nasty "right to smell" fight that could ultimately end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Porker City, a 5,000-head pig farm near Mosul, Iowa claims that Department of Natural Resources inspector Carter Snead cannot fairly judge whether the farm has an odor problem because Snead himself smells so badly after years of no bathing.

Snead says that Porker City smells far worse than he does and that he is fully capable of smelling an odorous agricultural operation because, "I'm used to how I smell and don't notice it."

The controversy began two years ago when Snead appeared on a road near Porker City armed with an Odorometer.  Using the device, Snead assigned Porker City an odor rating that set a record for Iowa pig farms.

Willy Edgerton, Porker City's CEO, recalls, "I got within 30 feet of him and his smell just about knocked me over. He's telling us we smell?"

The Iowa ACLU has vowed to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. "You might not like how Carter smells, but he certainly has a constitutional right to smell however he wants and not have to fear for his livelihood," an ACLU spokeswoman said. She conceded she has never been in the same room with Snead.

Borrowed from William Stockton & Smithtown Creek Productions

Threat Assessment:
WS is no stranger to the team FFA tournament scene (afterall this is HIS tournament), as he reached the finals with RR in the team FFA tournament before LHSC, The Great Fetacular (TGF). Luckily for WS, his replacement, retlas, is a very solid player as well.

Round 4 exit

Post QR Update
WS is doing pretty good considering he hasn't had much help from his teammates, hopefully they'll start showing up so he can play in Round 4 of his own tournament.

post ws sucks update

The in them 90% see we'll chance finals.

post hit can't spell update

8 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 6

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Terminal Odor (TO)
   Wight Slayer   ICBM
   retlas              ICBM
   Akuma           ICBM
Starting Times
Fri, 7pm - Fri, 11pm
Sat, 10am - Sat, 10pm
Sun, 10am - Sun, 9pm
Rank: 19 / 57
Total Points: 66
Victory Points: 53
Damage Points: 13
Damage/Game: 98
Match History
R4B1 - 4th
R3B1 - 5th
R2B2 - 4th
R1B7 - 3rd
# Games 
 Akuma ICBM
 Wight Slayer ICBM

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