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Only Shinco likes to eat babies!

Team: Denizens of Tasmania is not scheduled to play in the next round.

Like all people who live in Tasmania we like to eat babies. It's good to eat babies because they are good for your body. By eating babies you become strong and fit. At least that's what my mother Teagan and my father Alistair said.

Threat Assessment:
Pele and Shinco are solid players, however seeker has just recently made his return to myth and well, he'll be slightly below average at his peak. Even with shinco and pele playing every game, this team is nothing special. A round 4 run would be a surprise.

Post QR Update
Seeker doesn't have star power, Round 3 exit.

Post Round 3 Update
What the hell? How did I allow these newbies to advance? Oh, it seems they're good at picking on one man teams on raid lmoth, well congratulations! I expect a horrific Round 4 lost, I'd be surprised if they got more than 5 points.

4 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 5

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Denizens of Tasmania (taz)
   Seeker     |Ancrik
   Pe|e      •Ancrik•
   shinco       Ac2K
Starting Times
Sun, 4pm - Sun, 6pm
Rank: 21 / 57
Total Points: 64
Victory Points: 49
Damage Points: 15
Damage/Game: 130
Match History
R4B4 - 4th
R3B1 - 2nd
R2B6 - 6th
R1B1 - 3rd
# Games 
 Pe|e •Ancrik•

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