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You did the crime, now serve the time.

Team: Prison Tattoos is not scheduled to play in the next round.


Almost all prison tattoos are made by artist convicts using homemade tattoo "guns". The work is done quickly and secretly. To be caught in a cell shakedown with either a tattoo gun or the fresh ink of a new tattoo results in a "major case". If, after a disciplinary hearing, the prisoner is convicted he may lose privileges, be moved to a more resrictive wing or even be denied parole. In the regulated world of the maximum security penitentiary the handiwork of the tattoo artist is the most respected skill amongst inmates.

Prison logic dictates that restrictions be turned on their head. The more detailed and beautiful a tattoo is, the longer it took and riskier it was to make. Wearing such a tattoo reveals more than a convict's gang affiliation, racial pride or even the skill of the artist. It is a boast of one's ability to break the rules.

In a world where not caring about consequences is respected, tattoos declare themselves fearless. For that reason inside the confines of the prison most hardened gang members, rather than hide their markings, display them fearlessly.


Threat Assessment:
Although their name might suggest them to be threatening, they are not quite that dangerous. They have just enough skill to force you to actually try to beat them, but they are no 4 trow team. If they made it to round 4 I would be surprised.

Although all mid-level players, these guys/gals do seem to get a lot of practice.  If they focus hard on round 3 maps and get some strategies figured out before the match, they have a decent shot to make the top 24. (that means round 4)

Based on their QR performance, it looks like it will take quite a bit of luck for them to advance to round 4.

5 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 7

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Prison Tattoos (pt)
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Starting Times
Sat, 6pm - Sat, 9pm
Sun, 6pm - Sun, 9pm
Rank: 20 / 57
Total Points: 65
Victory Points: 45
Damage Points: 20
Damage/Game: 138
Match History
R4B4 - 5th
R3B2 - 3rd
R2B5 - 5th
R1B5 - 4th
# Games 
 Love :)
 Hate >:(

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