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Solo is the only way to go

Team: No Limit Soldiers is not scheduled to play in the next round.


Threat Assessment:
Thorman and Bombtrack have proven that they make a good pair, placing 3rd in LHSC.  Like a couple of the other great partnerships, they play better when together than their usual.

I think FoC's damage scoring should be a boon for them, though the competition seems more heated this time. A semi-finals run is certainly not out of the question, but I don't see it as a foregone conclusion.

Post QR Update
Thorman needs to make like the Rangers and show up to the games, as Bombtrack will need him if they expect to make round 5.

Post Round 3 Update
Bombtrack...good? Most people usually don't use those two words in the same sentence when referring to Bombtrack's myth skills, but they should be now. For the past two rounds he has placed first in his bracket, all by himself. This team can only improve if Thorman ever decides to show up, which is a big if, but if he does we can definitely expect to see them in Round 5.

Post Round 3 Alternate
Sorry, I cannot give Bombtrack a higher threat rating just yet. If you look at the groups he played with, it was mostly going against similar one-man teams. And by the time full teams came along it was already down to 4 man teams and he had already advanced. Round 4 exit.

Post Round 4 Update
NOPE YOU'RE WRONG I'M RIGHT. Thorman and Bombtrack took 2nd place in their bracket, but it will still be hard for them to make the finals, especially since Mike Jones doesn't give a fuck.

8 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 8

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No Limit Soldiers (CTC)
   Bombtrack   Cacra
   Mannie Fresh
Starting Times
Sat, 1pm - Sat, 3pm
Sat, 8pm - Sat, 9pm
Sun, 1pm - Sun, 3pm
Sun, 8pm - Sun, 9pm
Rank: 10 / 57
Total Points: 107
Victory Points: 73
Damage Points: 34
Damage/Game: 163
Match History
R5B1 - 6th
R4B1 - 2nd
R3B3 - 1st
R2B3 - 1st
R1B9 - 4th
# Games 
 Bombtrack Cacra

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