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     Retraction - Mon, Aug 30, 11:50pm - Wight Slayer

Well! After personally reviewing the films and putting the scores on the website, I find that our scorekeeper missed two points in game 4, two points that hand the tournament to Chohan!

Chohan played an excellent match even though BTT was retired by Erik before the match and unable to assist. Awesome job Cho.

Flat and Hen still walk away with second place, only a point behind.

In other news, RZA is our pundit extraordinaire, having guessed 8 of the top ten teams correctly. Dante of dTofP picked the ten teams with the lowest average rank and put them in the best order. Finally, Clank got an excellent ordering score considering his teams' average rank.

     Results are in - Sun, Aug 29, 9:00pm - Wight Slayer

The tournament has finally come to an end. Islamic Fundamentalists rule the day, having scraped by in the final game with a single damage point to retain the victory.

Congratulations to those players and a big thank you to everyone who showed up to play. I hope you all had a good time.

Films and scores will be posted tomorrow, so keep an eye on the site. After all the scores are up I'll announce the player with the best prediction accuracy and maybe present a few other statistics too.

     Finals - Wed, Aug 25, 11:00pm - Wight Slayer

Ok, the site is updated, the time is set. Finals will be played at 1am central time early Sunday morning.

Time translations:
US West Coast: 11pm Saturday night
US East Coast: 2am Sunday morning
London, England: 7am Sunday morning
Geneva, Switzerland: 8am Sunday morning
Sydney, Australia: 4pm Sunday afternoon

Get drunk on saturday night at your own peril. :)

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one love - 64/26
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kanan bitches - 87/18
Damage Heavy (Vcty/Dmg)
The four Horsemen - 124/69
Pts in 1 Round (Pts/Max)
The four Horsemen - 42/45

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