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     Finalists! - Mon, Aug 23, 2:50pm - Wight Slayer

I still need to score a bracket tonight, but unless the players made a bad mistake, we have our finalists. Congratulations to all 6 teams:
2nd Mouse

The finals match is still being scheduled. I may take until Tuesday to schedule a time, to make sure I've examined all the available options.

     Roster Changes - Tue, Aug 17, 8:00pm - Wight Slayer

Since I just made an exception for Enigman, I'll open it up to others..

If you have one or more teammates who are leaving permanently, and you will be unable to field 2 players, I may let you make a substitution, on a case-by-case basis.

     Semi-final Brackets - Mon, Aug 16, 10:40pm - Wight Slayer

Congratulations to all our semifinalists. Brackets are up, time changes are going to be very difficult so I'll consider these final, and will contact anyone involved in a switch.

You'll probably just end up having to clear the time that's posted.

Good luck!

     Brackets Up - Mon, Aug 9, 10:40pm - Wight Slayer

There you go. I am going to be very resistant to changing them, so try and plan ahead to make that time.

I'd also like to thank all the players who've showed up and played so far. I've had a good time; I hope some of you guys did too.

     Brackets Up - Tue, Aug 3, 10:50pm - Wight Slayer

They're up, they're not final till later. I'm tired. That is all.

Update Ok that's not all. I added Blade as a rules official last week. He's been around me a long time and talks to me a lot so hopefully some of this TO crap rubbed off. If I'm not around, listen to him please. :)

     Brackets Delayed - Tue, Aug 3, 7:20am - Wight Slayer

Well, I did get all the matches scored last night, so if you're in the top 48, expect a spot in round 3. If not, hang around during matches and you can sub.

I'd planned to have brackets up last night, but CenturyTel decided that I didn't really need my DSL and failed to fix their technical difficulties from 8:45pm until I went to bed. :(

So I'll get brackets up tonight after work. Make sure you update your playing times or email me with any stringent requirements.

     QR is over - Mon, Aug 2, 8:00am - Wight Slayer

I've got films for all the brackets. I'll get them sorted out, scored, and put up brackets tonight after work.

Thanks for bearing with me through this STB Chest bug. If we find anything else like that in future rounds, I'll switch the game earlier.

If you have special time requirements for round 3, I will try to meet them. E-mail me or update your playing times.

Finally, get your rosters they way you want them, they will close on Tuesday at midnight and you're stuck with what you've got until the end of the tournament.

     Crashing Issue - Sat, July 31, 3:00pm - Wight Slayer

Some Windows XP users are having problems with STB Chest under Myth II 1.5 - they are crashing about 1 minute after planning time ends.

If you think this might happen to you, play STB Chest in Win2K compatibility mode. This will reportedly solve the issue.

To enable Win2k compatibility mode, open the Myth 2 properties and check the Win2k compatibility checkbox.

Update: Sunday brackets will be playing koth chest.

     Pick the Top Ten - Thu, July 29, 4:00pm - Wight Slayer

For those of you who haven't, I'd encourage you to go ahead and place your predictions for the tournament's top ten. The system will be locked next Monday, no further predictions will be accepted.

Visit the pundit page and pick your favorite ten teams now.

     Round 2 Brackets Final - Wed, July 28, 1:30pm - Wight Slayer

Brackets for round two are now final. Your match time will not change unless I acquire your approval.

In other news, I'm still working out a few minor bugs with the result reporting, so please let me know if you see any anomalies in the stats.

     Round 2 Brackets Up - Mon, July 26, 11:30pm - Wight Slayer

Brackets for round two are up. They are still subject to change until Wednesday morning. I will be making changes tomorrow (Tuesday) night based on your feedback.

     Still need films - Mon, July 26, 8am - Wight Slayer

Round 1 seemed to go really well. I was impressed with the high level of play in most games, and as far as I know, every match ended under 2 hours from the listed start time.

All the scores went up last night for brackets I have films on. I still need films from brackets 1, 2, and 8. Go here to upload what you have.

If I get these films today I should be able to score them and have brackets up by late tonight. Brackets will then be final on Wednesday.

     Yes, FoC2 starts today! - Sat, July 24, 9am - Wight Slayer

This is it! Show up, have fun!

     Brackets Up - Mon, July 19, 9pm - Wight Slayer

Qualifying Round 1 brackets are up on the brackets page. Playing times are a little messy this week, but please bear with me. Adding more available playing times will make my job much easier next week.

If you are a designated host, please read the rules and be aware that you must score the match and save the films. I suggest you take a look at the reporting script ahead of time, and read its help page. You can't really mess anything up permanently so go ahead and explore it.

If your bracket has no designated host and you have a good one, please let me know. Even if your bracket has a host already, information about good hosts will be useful in the future.

     Final weekend to be placed in Round 1! - Wight Slayer

Round 1 brackets are going up on Monday, so get those registrations in! You can register your team after this weekend, but you'll have to be a substitute in order to play. Even if you register before Monday, you're not guaranteed a spot unless the number of teams is divisible by 6. First come, first serve.

Of course, if you are designated as a substitute, don't despair. I'm sure there will be lots of spots open, so just show up when you see there's supposed to be a match.

     Statistics - Wight Slayer

A few site statistics for ya. Since opening we've had:

  • 143 players who've logged in while browsing around.
  • 48 teams created and 5 deleted (abandoned).
  • About 40 unique logins browsing the site each day
  • More than 1400 threat ratings entered, by almost 90 individuals.
  • 28 guesses at the composure of the tournament's top ten. (Probably many more to come as registration nears end)

In case you're wondering, I'll be putting up brackets by, at the very latest, Tuesday July 19. If you want to be placed into a first round bracket, get your registration in before that date. Only one week to go!

Rosters are allowed to change all throughout the QR, but will be locked before round 3 play begins.

     Authentication Changes - Wight Slayer

I've changed the way authentication works. You will no longer be logged in as someone else when following a link they've copied and pasted to you. You also will not be able to bookmark your session key anymore. If you have problems with cookies or don't accept them, you may now have to log in each time you visit the site.

Everyone has been logged out as of 1:45 my time, July 1. Just log back in and your new cookie should work fine.

     FoC2 Open to the Public! - Wight Slayer

Fields of Carnage 2 is ready to go! This will be a six week tournament and will begin play on July 24, 2004. The finals should take place on August 28th, 2004.

I've played this game since the week it was released, and loved every minute of it (ok, almost every minute). I've put a great deal of effort into this site, so I hope you enjoy the tournament as much as I know I will.

Registration opened today, June 26, 2004, my birthday. Give me a great birthday and register your team now! :)

     Online Help System - Wight Slayer
There is a sitewide help system. Any time you're confused and need some extra explanation, look under the navigation bar on the left for a little link that says "Help". It will take you to the help page corresponding to the page you're looking at.

Read the help pages people. They're filled with useful and interesting information.

     What's this sid= in my URL? - Wight Slayer
Here's a link to the explanation of the login system. You'll get the same thing if you click "Help" on the login screen.

Balanced (Vcty/Dmg)
one love - 64/26
Victory Heavy (Vcty/Dmg)
kanan bitches - 87/18
Damage Heavy (Vcty/Dmg)
The four Horsemen - 124/69
Pts in 1 Round (Pts/Max)
The four Horsemen - 42/45

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   Team 147
   The Four Horsemen
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