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Code Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
R6B1 The four Horsemen Islamic Fundamentalists Cunts Team 147 The Second Mouse G-Unit
R5B1 Team 147 The four Horsemen Islamic Fundamentalists kanan bitches Aqua Teen Hunger Force No Limit Soldiers
R5B2 G-Unit vitutuksen multihuipennus The Second Mouse Cunts Angry Black Women Butch and Sundance
R4B1 Angry Black Women No Limit Soldiers Tin Can Terminal Odor WW2-REG-TFL Nemesis
R4B2 Cunts The four Horsemen Aqua Teen Hunger Force Wiggas Miami Vice one love
R4B3 The Second Mouse Team 147 Islamic Fundamentalists Butch and Sundance F,communications The agehas
R4B4 kanan bitches vitutuksen multihuipennus G-Unit Denizens of Tasmania Prison Tattoos Blood Brothers
R3B1 Wiggas Denizens of Tasmania WW2-REG-TFL The Crazy Ones Terminal Odor Mighty Penos
R3B2 GOJW Butch and Sundance Prison Tattoos Flesh Carvers SF Alpha 4 Hyper Turbo Ed Hemipower
R3B3 No Limit Soldiers The agehas Islamic Fundamentalists Chunderific Kings of Aesir  
R3B4 Blood Brothers Tin Can G-Unit We are better than Crun. The Brotherhood of BoB Root
R3B5 Nemesis Team 147 F,communications ARF Starsky n Hutch Assassins
R3B6 kanan bitches one love Aqua Teen Hunger Force Trailer Park Boys You got SERVED The Samnites
R3B7 vitutuksen multihuipennus Cunts Angry Black Women The Dying Cockroaches Noodles and Meatballs Ira Dei
R3B8 The four Horsemen Miami Vice The Second Mouse LULA OWNS dah Thrallz of Powerness  
R2B1 dah Thrallz of Powerness Wiggas The Brotherhood of BoB The Crazy Ones The four Horsemen kanan bitches
R2B2 Islamic Fundamentalists Trailer Park Boys Kings of Aesir Terminal Odor The Undead Nemesis
R2B3 No Limit Soldiers Chunderific Starsky n Hutch The agehas Assassins Team Snorn
R2B4 Bench Warmers Angry Black Women ARF The Second Mouse Noodles and Meatballs The Living End
R2B5 Butch and Sundance WW2-REG-TFL F,communications Root Prison Tattoos  
R2B6 SF Alpha 4 Hyper Turbo Ed Flesh Carvers Tin Can We are better than Crun. The Dying Cockroaches Denizens of Tasmania
R2B7 one love Miami Vice LULA OWNS GOJW Ira Dei The Forgotten Shadows
R2B8 Mighty Penos Aqua Teen Hunger Force G-Unit You got SERVED The Samnites Hemipower
R2B9 Blood Brothers Team 147 vitutuksen multihuipennus Cunts The Ghol Humpers  
R1B1 The four Horsemen ARF Denizens of Tasmania Root Starsky n Hutch The Brotherhood of BoB
R1B2 Cunts We are better than Crun. Tin Can GOJW Flesh Carvers Ash n Voo n JV
R1B3 Butch and Sundance Mighty Penos The Undead The agehas dah Thrallz of Powerness The Forgotten Shadows
R1B4 The Samnites vitutuksen multihuipennus G-Unit Aqua Teen Hunger Force Miami Vice Team Snorn
R1B5 Assassins SF Alpha 4 Hyper Turbo Ed WW2-REG-TFL Prison Tattoos Kings of Aesir The Ghol Humpers
R1B6 Wiggas Trailer Park Boys The Crazy Ones Angry Black Women Nadi Al-Ahli DOIT
R1B7 Team 147 one love Terminal Odor kanan bitches The Living End Bench Warmers
R1B8 Blood Brothers The Second Mouse Noodles and Meatballs Ira Dei The Dying Cockroaches  
R1B9 Islamic Fundamentalists Nemesis Hemipower No Limit Soldiers You got SERVED Chunderific

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