Bracket Page Help

The bracket page has 3 modes.

Mode One: Display next round's brackets
Here you'll see all the brackets scheduled to be played on the next weekend. The top bar lists the bracket number, time at which to start the match, and the designated host. If you're listed as a designated host, be sure to read the rules and learn your responsibilities (you must save films, score the match, and submit the results to the site).

Underneath the top bar is the list of 6 teams scheduled to play in the bracket, and their current rank as shown on the brackets page. The rank is just there for display, to help you see who you're up against. It carries no additional meaning.

Mode Two: Display all matches that have been played.
This mode will list all the matches that have been played any time during the tournament. It does not list the brackets that were collapsed due to no-shows. Click on a match to go to mode three.

Mode Three: Display an individual match page
On this page you can see all the gory details from a match. The films will be linked at the top if any exist. If the normal link is broken, or the films inside are faulty, click on "If broken, click here". This will take you to another page that lists all the different versions of the films that have been uploaded. Hopefully one of them will work properly.

The match page follows along through the games, showing you the players who played the game, each team's damage, each team's scores, and how they earned that score ( 9 (6 + 3) means they got first place victory, 6 points, plus first place damage, 3 points, for a total of 9). It also shows the cumulative match score as it adds up from one game to the next.

The cumulative score on the very last game shows the total scores for the entire match.