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Team: Ira Dei is not scheduled to play in the next round.

If I can get Mak in here then it'll be like the old days.  Ira Dei was around for a long time, etc, blah, so on.  Reason to play Myth ok?

Threat Assessment:
If Croaker can get himself a partner then he might be able to make a round 4 run, but by himself he will have trouble getting there.

Post QR Update
Well he hasn't got a partner so it looks like Croaker will be eliminated this weekend.

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Ira Dei (ID)
Starting Times
Rank: 46 / 57
Total Points: 28
Victory Points: 26
Damage Points: 2
Damage/Game: 87
Match History
R3B7 - 6th
R2B7 - 5th
R1B8 - 4th
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