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pillun päreiksi

Team: vitutuksen multihuipennus is not scheduled to play in the next round.

we drink the BOOZE and then we do goddamn stupid things aAARARHGH, and when we wake up the morning after we suffer from MORKKIS (mental hangover) until the next time we drink the booze. but then we fuck something up again and OMG YGOAFY#()# and the longer this loop keeps going on the more we get irritated and finally we self destruct!!!!! !! ! !! !

  other option is to stop dirnking the booze and SMOKE HASH INSTEAD and realize that AT LASTeverything is fine in our lives but then we get caught and the bad police officer says "WTF WHY DONT YOU JUST DRINK THE BOOZE NOOB??!!!" and at this point we are SO GODDAMN FUCKING ANGRY at the society  that we just HAVE TO perform an EXPANDED SUICIDE.    THERE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW YOU RACIAL BALD CONSERVATIVE FUKS

ps. we cant play on saturdays because we are drinking

Threat Assessment:
Though led by Creme, this team will nevertheless instill fear in many lesser opponents. :)  

Jushius and Dante both fared very well in the first FoC, and I expect a similar performance this time.

Round 5 exit.

Post QR Update
I'm such a good TA writer that my prediction for this team still has not changed, I expect a round 5 exit.

Post Round 3 Update
Although they're placing well, I still don't think they're going to make the finals.

Post Round 4 Update
It looks like their teamwork may help them prevail into the finals, but it will still be difficult.

Post Round 5 Update
Well they made it, and they enter the finals with more victory points than any other team, and less damage points than any other team. If they implement the damage scoring into their game, and they may be forced to with BME in their bracket, they could win this tournament.

32 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 6

(54 ratings)
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vitutuksen multihuipennus (vittu)
   creme   ~vittu
   juishiub ~vittu
Starting Times
Sun, 10am - Sun, 4pm
Rank: 7 / 57
Total Points: 132
Victory Points: 108
Damage Points: 24
Damage/Game: 136
Match History
R5B2 - 2nd
R4B4 - 2nd
R3B7 - 1st
R2B9 - 3rd
R1B4 - 2nd
# Games 
 juishiub ~vittu
 creme ~vittu

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