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I may be small, but the only one I look up to is my brother.

Team: Blood Brothers is not scheduled to play in the next round.

De var usedvanlig vakre menn alle sammen, sterke og store, og svære i idretter. Så sier Glum Geirason:

I øst farget kongers
overmann sverdet blodrødt;
nord for byen som brente,
bjarmene så jeg renne.

Mennenes forliker
medbør fikk i striden
øst på Dvinas bredder.
Ord står av unge høvding!

Som oftest var brødrene sammen, men stundom var de hver for seg. De var grusomme menn, modige og store stridsmenn og hadde ofte seier.

Threat Assessment:
A solid roster with above average players, but I'm not sure they have a great captain.  I'd be surprised to see them knocked out sooner than round 4.

Round 4 exit.

Adding dWARf has given them their captain, if he can net some practice time and get up to speed.  I'll let the Round 4 exit stand, but the potential for these guys to prove me wrong has definitely gone up.

Post QR Update
While their QR round 1 performance was marginal considering they were up against 5 solo teams, dwarf and magne came right back in week 2 and rocked their bracket, which was easily the most competitive bracket of the round. I would not be suprised if they made the finals if dwarf continues to show.

Post Round 3 Update
Another impressive performance in Round 3 as expected leads me to believe they will for sure be in the finals.

16 people have predicted that this team will make the top ten.
Among these people, the average rank predicted is: 4

(59 ratings)
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Blood Brothers (BB)
   Lars Jaeger •LoA•BME
   MaGnE -twd- BME
   d*WAR*f  ø *LoA*
Starting Times
Sun, 10am - Sun, 5pm
Rank: 13 / 57
Total Points: 112
Victory Points: 74
Damage Points: 38
Damage/Game: 210
Match History
R4B4 - 6th
R3B4 - 1st
R2B9 - 1st
R1B8 - 1st
# Games 
 d*WAR*f ø *LoA*
 MaGnE -twd- BME

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