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Re: threats - bubbles

: Trailer Park Boys should be downgraded to 4 trow because my team are fucking
: deadbeats. Basically last week Julian got busted by the cops in the middle
: of a match and now Bubbles beat Julian up because he was drunk and wearing
: a fucking tarp and Bubs thought he was a samskwantch or whatever the fuck
: it's called, then Julian beats the shit out of Bubbles, and both of these
: fucks miss the match even though it says right on this fucking forum that
: it was tonight. Oh and I got 27 points playing alone, fuck you very much.
: Julian you can take your fucking car back, I'll be able to afford a new
: home soon when I sell the dope, and Bubbles you can fuck right off with
: your fucking hand puppet.

pussy, i would have scored over a million points

youre cut

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