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Re: TAS!!! - Covert

: We've never played in any 1v1's.. you don't just get to make things up and
: expect me not to call you on them. In every team game I've played with
: you, I've always cored you, I don't think I've ever lost any sort of
: battle to you at all; beating rotd does not make you good cov, you're
: still terrible.

: Next time I see you on myth we'll 1v1. Probably after my foc2 bracket since
: thats the only time I'll be on!

: p.s. In zephyr's 1v1 tournament, perfect, you got knocked out as soon as that
: tournament allowed, and I believe I actually won a couple of matches. But
: I'm sure you weren't "trying" then.

Ok first of all in that tourney watch my films. Exept for KG all games were close and 1 mistake lost it for me. Oh and every time i have played with you in a team game you have rarely ever *corned* me. Infact most of the games we would both have fluctuating stats, and usually when i faced you it would be pretty even. No offence but stop trying to blur the truth. Your pathetic:)

Play me 2morow since on saturday after my bracket i have a wedding to get to. RL > Myth.

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