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Re: do i not garner a response? - Blade

: wow great you hurt a team that PH, screwed my team, and then didnt show up
: for their bracket so they are elim'd anyway. GJ!!! That is an awesome
: resolution!!! Thx for doing something for/to the team that got screwed,
: ill remember this.

No, they were an *actual* team who later did not show up for their *actual* bracket, "bench warmers<-."

Had they shown up and played we would have deducted points from their score, but since they didn't we can not. You need to realize how much sense you aren't making, no FFA tournament in the history of the world has rewarded hypothetical points to teams that had bad luck (you) and got somewhat screwed, we can't give you points based on hypothetical situations like I've said 100000x, what the hell do you possibly think we can do?

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