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Re: Question for WS - blade yay lalalaaaay

: so since we are elim off of the bs that happened in our bracket and now i
: look at the standings page and it shows us as #12 elim'd team, which means
: we are 12th option for a sub.... Is this the final ruling for our team? So
: nothing is gonna change/be done with what happened?

dude this mapes no sense
like ok, so qwerty rushes u right?> so what that's a free dmg point. ok? and politics is kinda important here so people hate rush whiners crybabies and asholes , k again? cuz if uy get rushed you gotta get the dmg point and it dont matter so much or you can try not being a dumbfuck for one goddamn night

yeah and how can a TO fix this, maybe just give you 23 magic points and advance you over others but if you do that

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