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semi bracket 1 - meatwad

147! = 37
BME = 34
islam = 27
kana = 24
athf = 14
ctc = 4

ggs. the last game i had a very strange crash with around 2 mins to go. it was clear that kana could not win and that 147! had damage (and yes, those were related.)

in lobby, all agreed that they did not want to replay, that their time at the crash would stand for victory points, and that islam got 2nd dmg points, and bme 3rd dmg points. there was enough time left that lots of that could have changed, except kana's last place... but the same 3 teams would have (very likely) advanced, so its kinda pointless. (if islam got 3rd and 3rd, kana would have advanced - but that didnt look likely.)

anyway. ggs except that weirdness - sorry my host crapped out.

athf would have gotten a higher score, except, well, everyone was much better than us. :)

thks WS (and blade i guess) for the tourney - very fun.

i'm gonna go take a nap, someone wake me when myth 4 comes out.

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