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Re: do i not garner a response? - JD

: like I said earlier, what do you want us to do? We can't simply move you up
: on the sub priority list because you got rushed one game (and like ws
: said, you did beat it with 60% left).
Plz for the love of god understand that even with 60% left, i still got fucked by qwerty and what he had left. Fuck what happened all game, fuck the rush etc. Him and his styg at end was a deliberate contest which lost me 2 balls, cost me the game, 6 points, and a tie for the overall lead after game 2 or 3 or whatever it was. After that it didnt matter, instead of being tied, i was way too far out of reach from the top 3. He cost me a shot of moving on. How are you going to do nothing about this even though you know what happened was wrong. I wouldnt even bring this up if it didnt eliminate my team but it did, and the TO's are doing nothing about it - nothing. I dont know what you can do but what you are doing isn't calming the situation at all.

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