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: bracket 1 : 18
: bracket 2 : 9
: bracket 3 : 13.83
: bracket 4 : 19.33

averages don't tell everything, but I think brackets 2 and 4 are by far the toughest.

Brackets 1 and 3 have no finals candidates really but 2 and 4 have both a bunch of them..

Ofcourse this all doesn't say everything either, things go how they go.

I thnk brackets should be done by more than just playing times though, ofcourse effort must be made to give playable times for all. But its hardly fair that some top teams hve to dong other top teams out only because they play in the same timezone :) or some teams get an easy ride due to that.

But all in all no big deal I'll just come on and enjoy the games, but this is for some who care more some factual thinking :)

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