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Re: kana trading with g-unit - Blade

: hey stupid! put one hand on each ass cheek and pull your fat head out! some
: ppl are unintersted in being a dick to solid teams like g-unit - others
: have no such concearns. which are you?

: my original premise was that, since bracket one looks harder, trading kana
: (which is excellent even as just drizzt) for g-unit would make the
: brackets more even. if chick or rab show too, then bracket 2 becomes even
: more like bracket 1 in difficulty.

: u r a chump AND a hump... cha-humpa-chump-hump.

Also according to your logic, bracket 1 harder is than bracket 2, and G-unit is better than kanan, so by switching G-unit (the better team according to you) into the harder bracket and putting kanan in the easier bracket, it will then make the brackets more even.

Two words igmo: sea and nile.

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