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Re: 1 man teams - Blade

: so, if we get up to 54 teams, you can divide by 6 for 9 matches... however,
: there are a few 1 man teams... would it be better to try and get those ppl
: to join larger teams or consolidate, with the goal being going down to 8
: matches (48 teams?)

: having 3 (or even 2) ppl on a team greatly increases the chance of at least
: one player from that team showing - a real strength of this tourney
: structure.

: also, is there any chance of allowing 4 man teams, now that the field is
: clearly large?

As long as you're playing the role of the guy who never stops complaining, I'll be the guy who never stops complaining about the guy who never stop complaining. STOP COMPLAINING

Also people aren't gonna want to join random strangers, and those 1 man teams are likely to have completely forgotten about this tournament anyway. 4 man teams would be a terrible idea, you can change rosters throughout QR so you would have massive team changing which would only take away from competition, this happened in mwc :)

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