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Re: R2B7 - Enigman

: From the rules page;
: "If there is a 4-way tie for first and you are below them, you receive
: 5th place points, NOT 2nd place points. Damage points should tie much more
: rarely, but if it happens the same principle applies."

: So if there was a two way tie for 1st place in dmg, you get 3rd place, not
: 2nd place, so ONE point is awarded. Therefore you would have 28 points and
: tie the bracket, but it really doesn't matter who placed where in the
: bracket as long as you made top 4.

: And the koth game, well it's a little more complicated than just awarding you
: 1st place points, cause then we would have to bump everyone down in
: placing I think, but ws might award you some sympathy points.

: A few points isn't really gonna effect what bracket you're going to be seeded
: into however.

^ yeah but it'll make us 6th and akira 7th

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