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Re: >:( - grim

: Obligatory Response :(

: According to your playing times 4pm was the absolute latest you could play.
: When I made it 3pm, I thought you guys would be overjoyed. :/

: Then xel wanted to play early, so I encouraged people to get on early and
: we'd go if everyone was ready.

: We didn't start for a while cause I was gettin the other bracket started, so
: around 2:25 or so I pop in and there's 5 two-man teams waiting for me.
: Storm and Arz both checked in and rdy to go.

: We went. :(

: I don't think it would have helped much if we didn't though, Storm didn't
: stay and that bracket was brutal on single players; plus we got games
: started with NO hassle. The only delays between games came from me having
: to go TO other brackets. So you still woulda come too late.

: Sry dude, you guys should have some massive points from QR though so probably
: the top sub.

: -Wighty

: P.S. RR style: stfu i don't care

Well we weren't really overjoyed with the change. For some reason you dewds didn't coordinate with opop both brackets should have started at 3pm cst (another reason why the 4pm cst would have been good). Arz probably doesn't check this site too often so he didn't bitch about that and because he's such a quiet moron. <3

Why couldn't you just have started at 3pm cst :(((((

Oh well, I'll be barging in to every bracket that starts before 5pm cst.

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