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Re: kana trading with g-unit - Blade

: you assume i want to make bracket one easier - my comment was about making
: both brackets more even. that can be accomplished by making bracket two
: harder.

Yes you're right I said Drizzt was better, but my dilemna is that you said the opposite, and you said that switching them would even out the brackets even though according to your logic G unit is better, I was merely pointing out that you are in fact senile.

However, if you want to keep taking the juvenile approach that I used in my first response but have now given up, go ahead. But right now kanan being in bracket 1 provides more than one team that can possibly win the bracket. If kanan leaves bracket 1 I have no doubt in my mind that BME will place first without hassle. My thing with brackets all along is having at least two teams that can possibly win.

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