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Re: heh, c'mon cho - chohan

: theres the doubling that didnt happen - where 2 teams are really hammering
: you with their full attention (and you die in 1 min or less.) then there
: is the doubling that DID happen - where one team is pushing at you and
: another is behind you prohibiting escape (and you die in 2.5 mins or
: less.)

: having a 2nd team behind you limits your options and creates a need to defend
: both directions. it gives an advantage to the one team that is attacking
: you.

The only map they could complain about is the last map where Np ran away across the map from us limiting there escape when they were North. Still they only had 4 zerks or so left and didnt get touched.

We didnt file a complaint when we did get double attacked on DK koth. If you want to see real doubling (actually tripling) watch the 3 Np team bracket.

Those 2 Np teams we kicked out are just looking for an excuse while there really isnt any.

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