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Re: No - JD

: You didn't get screwed. You couldn't make your time just like anybody else,
: and I wasn't able to reschedule you. Would have if I could have.

: Qwerty & Joan rushing you was a joke, you beat them down and had 60%
: left, plus damage points. You were asking for it, too. Next time try NOT
: cussing out the PH team.

: Nem- you were acting flaky that night just like you do on most others. You
: were sitting on JD's team talking about stupid shit, JD was yelling at me,
: flat was yelling at me, if only to remove confusion from the room getting
: you out was the thing to do, and I'd do it again.

: I'm working on this week, just like I've worked with you every other week,
: even though you've generally been a total ass. I made that bracket 10am in
: the hopes that it was only midnight for you and you could show. Hardly
: looking for ways to dick you over. Try scheduling one of these things
: sometime, we'll see how many spare brain cells you have left for spewing
: bullshit.

: -Wighty (mean n nasty)
ws - ill disregard your meanness for this response. Qwerty rushed across map and i defeated them yes. But they kept at me and kept at me. I had my units split up like any ffaer would especially in caps. I had units sw and units ne. He was bothering my units NE and at the end he had 1 styg, i had 3 archers on that ball. He kept running in circles and was continueing contest even though he had no chance in hell of surviving with a red styg. He got my units SW killed cuz i had to pay attention to my 3 archers cuz i didnt want them slaughtered by a red styg that should have died way before if he wasnt trying to make me lose. I lost 2 balls because of it and end in 4th or 5th instead of first, with 3 balls instead of ending with 1.

That is why i feel i got screwed, if you dont see it that way, then ........

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