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Re: do i not garner a response? - JD

: No, they were an *actual* team who later did not show up for their *actual*
: bracket, "bench warmers<-."

: Had they shown up and played we would have deducted points from their score,
: but since they didn't we can not. You need to realize how much sense you
: aren't making, no FFA tournament in the history of the world has rewarded
: hypothetical points to teams that had bad luck (you) and got somewhat
: screwed, we can't give you points based on hypothetical situations like
: I've said 100000x, what the hell do you possibly think we can do?
no ones been screwed legitimately by a PH team. This is a first to my knowledge. And how is anything hypothetical. It happened. He stated it in pregame, did it in game, what more do you need?

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