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Re: WS is an idiot. - I wish to eat pants

: Reasons why ws last post was retarded.

: 1. Our bracket has #1 seed, #2 seed, #7 seed. So it has nothing to do with
: seeding.
: 2. You didnt take my play times into account at all. There are 2 brackets in
: my time frame and one bracket that is 8hrs from my time frame. Im in the
: one thats 8hrs away. So it has nothing to do with time accomodations.

: So therefore, the brackets are decided 100% by either randomness or ws own
: stupidness :(

: Oh yea btw, if ws would be so kind as to move me to one of the 2 brackets I
: can fucking attend that would be fucken awesome. Anyone wanting to change
: out of 7pm or 9pm sat brackets plz post here :(

What's the point of picking times to play if you get rescheduled to a time that no one on your team can make? FYWS!

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