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Re: cheating in R4B2 - Enigman

: athf obviously benefited from bme/cunt targetting wigga durring the match as
: a whole, so i am biased as to the outcome of any review.

: acheron deffinately had a spoken desire to target wigga in the above game -
: to the extend that he pulled enig off an 2v1 attack on my units at the
: hill (which they would have won with heavy casualties unless i spazzed out
: - which i do 30% of the time.) bme also chased wigga hard.

: what i am not sure of is that there was intention to ally. being in a ffa
: game where more than one team has a desire to hammer you happens. its ws's
: call.

: cunt also got a late tag off bme on the lm game - but i forgot to get film to
: review. seemed fishy at the time. cunt got its tag with pigs spacebarred
: on flag while bme had souls and fetch right there... what happened was bme
: shot the other contestor with fetch and found out it was not a 3-way
: contest when whoever it was got fried.

i dont think i attacked wiggas once that game and im not actually sure if acheron did even tho he planned 2

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