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Christ almighty - Blade

: Somebody double check those scores.. I put up the films. Looks like Blade may
: have scored things wrong in-match, I get BME as the champ(s)!

: Let me know if you see a mistake on that match's scoring!

: -Wighty

This is in fact the correct scoring, I am sincerely for the first time ever in my myth gaming career, sorry.

I have my scoring card with me and I know exactly where I went wrong, game 4 was a 5 player map, and we had just done three 6 player maps so I was accustomed to giving the two last place teams zero points, and on lmoth web Cho got 4th (which I figured for 5th out of force of habit), and I gave him 0 points instead of two.

These two points consequently put Chohan in the lead, and give him the FoC2 title.

I am sorry to Flat, Hen, and Cho that I failed you at my only job: addition. I know you all hate me, but luckily you probably hated me beforehand so everything is still normal.

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