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10 am central ? is that legal ? - Gina MV's bebe girl

: woohoo, go #2!! bracket 4's average is deceptive, since kana underperformed
: so far... but #2 is a biatch. :)

: so, the teams jiggled around, but the times are the same? every single team
: in bracket 2 has 2pm listed as an available time. why are we not playing
: then??

: if one team is stonewalling, i say too bad. they listed 2pm in their
: available times... ATHF did not list 10 am.

YES, lets all change it to 2PM central. More civilized time I would say.

GL Sonny ! Even if I do wake up, I'll play like shit <---everyone please note valid pre-excuse.

Why is it Im always in the hardest bracket ? ::cries a river::

Are the gods against me ? Why was that most fearsome team, BME, slotted into my bracket. Wah, wah. ::more crying::

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