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Re: Hrm - Pants Eater

This is what you wrote:

: If you read the rules, it says brackets are a mixture of seed, random chance,
: and playing time accomodations.

: They are. :)

: Also remember that some of those seeds are very deceptive... there are no
: brackets with 3 clear leaders.

: -Wighty

This is what you meant:

"Hi, I don't really give a fuck, so I'm just going to randomly do the brackets and all you fuckers just have to deal with it. If you don't like it, don't join my tournament. I am a pathetic person in real life, and doing shit like this helps me get my rocks off. Sometimes I dress as a woman and walk in dark alleys in hopes that men will rape me and I can finally be fulfilled."

Eat a bowl of cum you putrid pile of ferret vomit.

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