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Re: Hrm - meatwad

: If you read the rules, it says brackets are a mixture of seed, random chance,
: and playing time accomodations.

: They are. :)

: Also remember that some of those seeds are very deceptive... there are no
: brackets with 3 clear leaders.

: -Wighty

i'll agree with nem's content, if not his tone. bracket 3 has 3 clear leaders (#1, #2, #7) and is not within the time range ATHF selected... which leaves random chance as the deciding factor. if you are willing to put ATHF 4 hrs off of our time, and nem 8hrs off his, then the brackets should not be so weighted. having brackets where the average team rank is within 3 points of being equal would be appropriate. your range is 11.8 to 19.8. the average of all teams who advanced is 15.04. your deviation seems high to me.

i know bracketting for ppl around the world is a pain in the butt, but ATHF was not trying to make things harder by giving you "only" a 4 hour window on saturday. we are texan, norwegian and kiwi... there is no other time range we can be present together. the brackets we have received have denied masta-shake access to play (accept last week). this week, the time is the middle of the night for him.

anyway, ATHF is again in a tough crowd. fry and meatwad will do their best.

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