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Re: Rules Clarification on "Agreements" - hit

: If you have a large force on a game such as StB or LMotH and there is a
: slightly smaller force and say 2 or little even smaller forces still left
: in the game contesting infinately and such is it legal to allow the
: slightly smaller team to tag and then walk off the flag allowing your team
: to win? The rules say "if there is no benefit to your team", but
: there is since you won't have to fight the slightly smaller team. An epic
: situation similar to this occured in OpOp, just looking for clarification
: on this before it happens in a game.

That's a classic situation and you should be allowed to. If you're one of the weaker players, you're contesting primarily to get a 2nd place tag then walk off. If the stronger player is willing to give it then recontest, it can help secure his win since he has one less competitor to deal with.

Another type situation is that old Gimble Stb one, where stygs with thrall in water contest the ball against Archers/melee on top of the mid hill. Neither can force the other off the ball so you end up with an infinite contest. Eventually the guy who is most in doubt of winning takes the 2nd place tag and walks off.

What IS illegal, or should be, is conspiring to do that pre-game and giving away free tags to guys with 5% so the player you don't like gets last place.

Rational behavior to maximize your score is fine.

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