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its illegal if... - JD

: That's a classic situation and you should be allowed to. If you're one of the
: weaker players, you're contesting primarily to get a 2nd place tag then
: walk off. If the stronger player is willing to give it then recontest, it
: can help secure his win since he has one less competitor to deal with.

: Another type situation is that old Gimble Stb one, where stygs with thrall in
: water contest the ball against Archers/melee on top of the mid hill.
: Neither can force the other off the ball so you end up with an infinite
: contest. Eventually the guy who is most in doubt of winning takes the 2nd
: place tag and walks off.

: What IS illegal, or should be, is conspiring to do that pre-game and giving
: away free tags to guys with 5% so the player you don't like gets last
: place.

: Rational behavior to maximize your score is fine.
it hinders the teams below that could be higher than the team with a smaller squad left that just wants a tag. I think this needs to be relooked at by the TO's for overall fairness to all 6 teams in the game, not just the ones left standing.

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