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Re: do i not garner a response? - JD

: Because there's nothing we can do, we can't advance you on hypothetical
: situations. You could have been drizzt or chohan and I still wouldn't have
: given you hypothetical placements. We did plenty about it when it
: happened, we were going to have qwerty's team severely punished but they
: never showed up and thus are eliminated!

: How many times do I have to say this, there's nothing we can do, all the
: other eliminated teams don't deserved to be screwed in priority because of
: you. You're not even listening to me you're like a goddamn broken record,
: read my first post where I pretty much had the same response as here.
wow great you hurt a team that PH, screwed my team, and then didnt show up for their bracket so they are elim'd anyway. GJ!!! That is an awesome resolution!!! Thx for doing something for/to the team that got screwed, ill remember this.

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