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Re: kana trading with g-unit - Blade

: hey stupid! put one hand on each ass cheek and pull your fat head out! some
: ppl are unintersted in being a dick to solid teams like g-unit - others
: have no such concearns. which are you?

: my original premise was that, since bracket one looks harder, trading kana
: (which is excellent even as just drizzt) for g-unit would make the
: brackets more even. if chick or rab show too, then bracket 2 becomes even
: more like bracket 1 in difficulty.

: u r a chump AND a hump... cha-humpa-chump-hump.

What the hell are you talking about, I have no problems with g unit, nae is my boy and odin is a thug, I don't like RP but that in no way has influenced my post. And your premise was NOTHING like what you stated in your original post, you can't just expect me to understand what goes on in your head when you post something completely different than what your "premise" was supposed to be you miserable old man.

I may be a chump but you're a goddamn moron.

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