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do i not garner a response? - JD

: ws - ill disregard your meanness for this response. Qwerty rushed across map
: and i defeated them yes. But they kept at me and kept at me. I had my
: units split up like any ffaer would especially in caps. I had units sw and
: units ne. He was bothering my units NE and at the end he had 1 styg, i had
: 3 archers on that ball. He kept running in circles and was continueing
: contest even though he had no chance in hell of surviving with a red styg.
: He got my units SW killed cuz i had to pay attention to my 3 archers cuz i
: didnt want them slaughtered by a red styg that should have died way before
: if he wasnt trying to make me lose. I lost 2 balls because of it and end
: in 4th or 5th instead of first, with 3 balls instead of ending with 1.

: That is why i feel i got screwed, if you dont see it that way, then ........
another point i would like to make, qwerty was a PH, he said in pregame he was gonna rush me, and then proceeded to do so and harrass me throughout the game. A PH doesnt care about placing, dmg, or anything like that, as you can see from that game he obviously didnt care, so if you still feel the same way and are going to do nothing about it, then :(

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