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Re: kana trading with g-unit - meatwad

: Also according to your logic, bracket 1 harder is than bracket 2, and G-unit
: is better than kanan, so by switching G-unit (the better team according to
: you) into the harder bracket and putting kanan in the easier bracket, it
: will then make the brackets more even.

: Two words igmo: sea and nile.

you should learn to read for comprehension.

this thread was about kana wanting to play sunday so more than drizzt could show. i assume without basis that you would agree that drizzt+chick or rab is stronger than drizzt alone. you have directly stated that just drizzt is better than g-unit. if kana were to trade with g-unit and therefore have a full team, it follows that bracket 2 would get harder.

as for g-unit's affect on bracket one... according to my sea-nile post, they would make bracket one "mb" "a bit" harder.

you assume i want to make bracket one easier - my comment was about making both brackets more even. that can be accomplished by making bracket two harder.

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